Our Legacy

Michael J. Abdalla, Sr. CAI & AARE

Originally from Benson, N.C., Michael Abdalla graduated from Staunton Military Academy in 1965 and graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens, GA in 1970. During his time at UGA, Michael left school for a year and went on tour with his band Swinging Medallions, playing the Saxophone. Michael went back to UGA after a year on the road and graduated. Michael is a professional sales man and has trained with such legends as Doug Edwards and Toney Hopkins.

Michael graduated from Missouri Auction School in 1989 and he currently holds the CAI designation and the AARE designation. He has been conducting Oriental Rug Auctions around the continental United States, as well as internationally. He has taught classes at Repart Auction School and at Midlands Technical School. Michael enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three children in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Michael J. Abdalla, Jr. CAI

New in the Auction Industry? : How My CAI Experience Has Guided Me!

Michael Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978. At the age of 18, Michael graduated from the Missouri Auction School in 1997, where he acquired an auction license. During his summers, Michael worked with his father, Michael Abdalla, Sr., and learned about Oriental Rug Industry from the retail perspective. Michael graduated from the 4-year military college, The Citadel, in Charleston, SC in 2001. One month before graduating from The Citadel, Michael was hired and worked as a sales representative for Ernest and Julio Gallo in Orlando, FL. After a year of working for that company, Michael’s interest in the auction industry peaked and he no longer wanted to pursue the corporate life. Michael began working with his father as an auctioneer. At the age of 24, Michael commenced the CAI program and he acquired his CAI in March 2006. Michael is currently in the process of acquiring the designation of AARE.

Michael currently works with his father in their auction company Abdalla Auctions. They have conducted auctions together around the United States, as well as internationally.